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We test and evaluate safe driving technologies and training programs regularly. We refer those that pass our rigorous standards to our followers.

There are 3 Big Lies about Teen Driver Training, that we’ve all been led to believe.  They are as follows:

1.  Driver’s Ed prepares our kids to drive – WRONG!

Driver’s Ed only prepares our kids to pass the driving test. That’s when the trouble REALLY begins

2.  Passing the driving test means that our kids are ready to drive – WRONG!

Passing the driving test gives our kids a license to learn how to drive. This amounts to on-the-job training at a job where 1 MISTAKE can cost you your life!

3.  More Experience is all they need to become good drivers – Now that’s DEAD WRONG!!!

There are 6 million crashes resulting in nearly 3 million injuries and over 35,000 deaths each year on U.S. roads. Nearly 90% of these are caused by “experienced drivers.”

Bad Driving Habits are like cavities – they DO NOT improve with age!

We provide the Parents and Loved Ones of young drivers with a step-by-step process for keeping their kids alive and safe.

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