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Membership Benefit # 1

Join Us Now and we’ll send you 2 of our exclusive Phone Sacks – Free! (A  $10 Value)

Our Sack the Phone Program has become wildly popular in New Jersey, and now we are bringing it to the World!

Many of our followers have gladly paid $6.00 for 1 of our Phone Sacks, but you will receive 2 of them FREE as a ‘Thank You’ for Joining the Movement!

The Phone Sack is made of soft microfiber so it doubles as a screen cleaner, and has a draw – string closure. It features our trademarked “kids” – Dexter the Texter and his girl pal Dooeye – reminding us that we are too important to die for a text, tweet or call.

“Sack the Phone” and you’ll always know where to find it, while you keep you and your passengers safe!

Each Phone Sack also contains a 3×5 Driving Guide decal made of static cling vinyl (sticks anywhere without adhesive.) The Guide can be mounted on your dashboard or steering wheel to keep the 5 Essential Actions for Safe Driving “top of mind” while you’re driving.

Membership Benefit # 2

We help to keep your family safe with our Weekly Driving Tips and Crash Updates

Did you know that EVERY DAY in America 8 young people, 15-20 years old, leave home and NEVER RETURN? They are all are lost to Car Crashes – 90% of which are Preventable.

Think of it – the equivalent of 20 commercial airliners – filled with young people – crashing each year (nearly 2 per month) and leaving no survivors. Yet, because these tragedies happen a few each day, there is little, if any, media coverage.


“How Much News Coverage Would Be Generated by 20 Plane Crashes Each Year?”


Our safe driving tips and crash updates alert you to the tragedies that are occurring all around us every day, and the proper ways to keep them from happening to you.


There are 9 Deadly Driving Myths – This is Myth #2

“It Can’t Happen Here” – until it does.
“Tragedies Only Happen to Other People, not to me or my Family”


These tips and crash updates serve as a constant reminder that driving is the most dangerous thing that we do in our lives, and is much harder than we were led to believe.

“If you drive casual-ly- Sooner or later, you will become a casual-ty.”

Membership Benefit # 3

Two 20 Minute Safe Driving Webinars (Live) Every Month

Our 20 Minute Driving Lessons are FAST, FUN, and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE

Each month we cover 2 important driving topics (Members have access to webinar recordings)

Here’s How Your Contribution Will Make a Difference:

1. Our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG for short) is to completely change the way we train young drivers in America

To accomplish this, we need to bring our world-class driver training program to the Driver’s Ed program of every school district in every state. Our program teaches the young driver to “Drive Mentally.” (Mental errors, not physical, cause at least 9 out of 10 car crashes)

We love or Driver’s Ed teachers and work with hundreds of them, but the current Driver’s Ed curriculum has not changed much in 20 years and is hopelessly outdated. It does not teach our kids to be safe drivers; rather it teaches them how to operate a motor vehicle, and how to pass the Licensing test – with disastrous results.

Here’s a great example. You need to know how to parallel park to get a license, but NOT how to change lanes safely on the highway.  Bad parking skills can get you cursed at.  An improper lane change can get you killed.

Car crashes are the #1 Killer of 15-20 year olds in America – more than Drugs, Alcohol, and Guns.

With very few exceptions, every High School wants to use our program in their Driver’s Ed program. The only obstacle is that they can’t pay for it.

Through the Sponsorship of our Partner Companies, and generous individuals like you, we are able to donate our program to participating school districts for their Driver’s Ed students (sophomores or juniors).

We measure the results by working with local law enforcement to monitor crash rates among new drivers for 1 year. We then compare these to the national average, and locally, to previous years.

Our training program has been used by over 1 Million drivers around the world, and has been proven to reduce crashes by an average of more than 30%!

2. Your Support will help us to bring our life-saving “Sack the Phone” program to many more High Schools and Communities

TWD (Texting While Driving) has become an epidemic on our roads, accounting for AT LEAST 3400 deaths and 200,000 injuries last year (

Most experts agree the number is much higher than that.

Equally alarming is that, according to the Governor’s Highway Safety
Association ( pedestrian fatalities hit an all-time high of nearly 6,000 in 2016!

Sack the Phone has taken New Jersey by storm!

Our objective is to get Drivers and Pedestrians to develop the safe habit of putting the phone away before driving or crossing.

The difference is in our message. We don’t lecture, punish or ask drivers to take a meaningless pledge. Instead, we educate drivers about the Essential 5 – the 5 Consistent Actions Required for Safe Driving.

When the driver gets into the habit of performing these actions consistently, they have no time to Call, Text, Tweet or Snapchat.

Dozens of School districts in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are requesting that we bring our program to their High Schools.  Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors, and several private donors, we have implemented the program in many schools already. Your contribution will help us to reach many more High School students, particularly those in underprivileged areas.

3. Programs in Development

We have several life-saving projects in development. Our only obstacle to bringing these to young drivers and saving even more lives is funding.

Development Project #1 – The Coloring and Activity Book for Elementary School Children K-3

According to the NJ Division of Highway Safety and many Behavioral Scientists, kids learn to drive from watching Adults – no surprise there.

The surprising thing is that the learning begins when they are toddlers! As soon as that car seat is turned to face forward, our kids begin learning to drive!

We are developing a series of coloring and activity books that teach kids, safe driving procedures and the danger created when they ‘distract the driver.’ 

Development Project # 2 – The Myth Busters Teen Driving Calendar

We all have electronic calendars, yet paper calendars are still being used by the millions! Statistics show that the average household still uses at least one.

Why not make it a life-saving calendar?

Our goal is to publish our one of a kind “Driving Myth Busters” calendar and distribute them in schools across America.

The 9 Deadly Driving Myths claim thousands of lives each year and its time they go “Busted”