The Time To Act Is Now!

Paramedics and Crash Victim

Car Crashes are killing more of our 15-20 year olds than anything else. More than alcohol, guns and drugs COMBINED!

Over 3,000 15-20 year olds die in car crashes each year. Just as disturbing, this age group is involved in over 800,000 crashes – about half resulting in injuries.

It is our position that this trend is the result of inadequacies in the way we train our teens to drive. A critical piece of the driver training puzzle is missing.  It’s time to start teaching our kids to Drive MentallyTM – not just physically.

While 90% of car crashes are caused by Mental Error, most current training methods focus exclusively on the Physical aspects of driving.

Our new drivers are taught how to signal, shift, fasten seat belts, set the cruise control and so forth. They know how to accelerate and brake, and they can get from point A to point B.

But that doesn’t mean they’re safe behind the wheel!!!

Our recommended approach to driver education training focuses on the six core areas of driving:

  1. Speed Management
  2. Space Management
  3. Scanning of Mirrors
  4. Attitude Behind the Wheel
  5. Danger Zone Recognition
  6. Watching out for (The Other Driver)

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