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As promised – here are 3 more ways to cut your Auto insurance premium (after adding a – gasp!!– Teen Driver to your policy.)  4. Pick a Safe Car. While it’s true flashy cars look cool, especially when you’re a teenager, it’s also true that flashy cars tend to require higher insurance premiums. More importantly, ‘too much car’ can get your child killed or permanently disabled. When it comes to giving your child a car,
The day your teenager starts driving is a significant one. Here are two things that happen to parents almost immediately: 1) You get a proud and warm feeling from seeing your child gaining independence 2) Your get a huge increase in your auto insurance bill. According to research cited by CBS News, adding a teen to an auto insurance policy can increase rates by a whopping 44 to 62 percent (but getting him or her
Old-school driving advice said to always hold your hands at “10 and 2.” In other words, if your steering wheel were a clock, your left hand would be at 10 o’clock and your right hand would be at 2 o’clock. “9 and 3” is the new 10 and 2 Nowadays, however, things are different. Forget 10 and 2!  Thanks to changes in car technology, as well as realizations about airbags and the need for faster  reactions
Many influences are available to young people through media, peers, but perhaps the most powerful are the examples of close family  members who serve as models of behavior—good and bad. Keep these points in mind when discussing drinking and driving with your son  or daughter. 1)   Do as I say AND as I do is your best way to model the behavior choices you expect in your young adult. Never expect behavior from your son or daughter that
Author: Robert Ragazzo: Certified Defensive Driving Instructor and Father of 2 Young Drivers We’ve all heard the mantra a thousand times: “Speed kills!” As parents of teenage drivers we know it’s true. Chances are good that your teen driver has heard the phrase a time or two as well. The problem is that your teen may not really believe it’s true—especially when it comes to his or her driving. The Allstate Foundation reported that some 55

Welcome to The Driving Dad’s Blog

Posted by mark on July 7, 2014
Greetings and welcome to The Driving Dad’s Blog!  I’m Bob Ragazzo, aka The Driving Dad. In addition to being a Certified Defensive Driving Instructor, I am the Founder of 2 Driver- Training companies, as well as the newly formed non-profit organization – the Parents’ Coalition to Stop Teen Driving Deaths NOW! My most important role, however, is that of the father of 2 young men – Nick and Patrick, who also happen to be young