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bob-headshotThe Parents’ Coalition to Stop Teen Driving Deaths  NOW! was formed by Robert Ragazzo. Bob is a certified Defensive Driving Instructor, founder of  two Driver Training companies; Save Your Teen Driver LLC and Collision Avoidance Technology and Training LLC.

As he is quick to point out, his most important role is being the proud Father of 2 young drivers, Nick and Patrick.

The Parents’ Coalition was formed to serve as an educational and referral resource for the Parents and Loved Ones of young drivers.  We believe that NO PARENT should ever have to endure the unimaginable horror of losing their child to a car crash. 9 out of 10 crashes are caused by mental error which means they are 100% Preventable.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the single biggest killer of our kids – motor vehicles crashes – and provide Parents and Loved Ones with a step-by-step Process for keeping their teenage drivers alive.

Imagine – over 2000 young lives saved each year – just in the U.S.!!!

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Parents' Coalition to Stop Teen Driving Deaths Now, Inc.
1253 Springfield Ave. Ste 167
New Providence, NJ 07974

Phone: 908-464-6867
Email: info@stopteendrivingdeaths.org